Here we go again. Costa Mesa Middle School is losing its current principal and the district is holding another one of its famous community input forums to learn which “qualities and attributes” the community would like to see in the new school leader.

It’s another one of those chin-stroking, concerned look opportunities that makes it appear as though they really do care what you have to say when they really don’t. See past blog posts for support on this point.

And, again… Aren’t these highly-paid district people supposed to know who is good and who is not? Why are they asking us?

And is it really that hard? Among other things, we want someone who is honest, who has the backs of the teachers, who is not afraid to tell superiors that something is wrong, who holds him or herself accountable when something goes wrong, and who will embrace and advance the concept of transparency so that parents know EVERYTHING going on at the campus, not just the good stuff.

This fake forum is more spin, just like the gif at the top of the blog – the same gif that Trustee Vicki Snell used in a reply to me on Facebook before she realized what a mistake it was and took it down.

And another thing

There is a board meeting tonight at 6 p.m. Before the rubber stamping begins, the trustees will hand out some awards.

It’s a tough choice: The board meeting or James Holzhauer on Jeopardy.

I wonder if Holzhauer would be interested in the principal job.

Steve Smith