It gets worse…

Last week, the California Department of Education issued a list of the state’s lowest-performing schools. This the first such notice in four years.

There are 781 schools on the list. 481 of those schools are receiving Title I federal aid for low-income students. 300 are high schools where fewer than two-thirds of students graduate. California is required by federal law to identify these schools, which will get federal aid of about $150,000 per school per year (Comprehensive Support and Improvement aka CSI).

There are two N-MUSD schools on the list, Monte Vista High School and Back Bay High School. Monte Vista made the list due to the low graduation list and Back Bay made the list due to low performance.

Say what you want about the unique status of these two schools but the bottom line is that they appear on an infamous list.

As I just posted, each of our schools has the facilities, the teachers and the leadership they need to succeed. Any school that is underperforming is doing so because there is no long-term strategic plan in place to achieve specific goals in a specific period of time.

Oh, and if there is a plan, it ain’t working.

Regardless, the superintendent will not be held accountable for the performance of these two schools. He will continue to get raises, bonuses, and praise from the trustees (perhaps now only five of the trustees) who will not require him to submit a plan – or a new plan – to fix whatever is wrong in these schools.

We used to be better than this.

Steve Smith


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