There is a school-related meeting tonight at the Methodist Church in Costa Mesa. It starts at 6:30 with a meet and greet and the information will begin a 7.

All of the Estancia Zone principals will be there, as will two trustees.

That’s kind of a big deal, but you’d never know it from looking at the district’s website. The meeting is not listed under “Announcements” or under “Events”:

NMUSD Events

Why isn’t it listed? There are a few possible answers:

  1. They forgot to list it
  2. They don’t want to list it

That spinning baby in the header of this blog? That was once Trustee Vicki Snell’s rude and immature online reply to me, which she quickly deleted. But when I look at it now, it seems to be a perfect metaphor for all of the incompetence and mismanagement from which taxpayers have suffered over the past six or so years.

That baby is us.

Steve Smith