By now, you may have heard that a teacher at CMHS was just arrested on charges of child molestation. Here is the statement issued by the district:

“We have been informed that Brandon Nease a drama teacher at Costa Mesa High School, was arrested last night. Based on information provided to us by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, we do not believe this matter involves any current or former Newport-Mesa Unified School District students. Mr. Nease has been placed on administrative leave.”

OK, so there is an attempt to dodge a bullet by letting everyone know that so far, no N-MUSD kids may be victims. I get it and that’s fine. But there is a responsibility here that was avoided and which could have contributed greatly to either some healing or to support a case that may be made by the district attorney.

What is missing from the statement is a call out to any N-MUSD students who may be victims, who may know of a victim, or who may have any information that may be of use to law enforcement.

Here’s the additional sentence that should have appeared in this statement:

“Any N-MUSD students, parents, guardians, or employees who may have information of value to law enforcement regarding this case is urged to call (000) 000-0000 or e-mail”

That would have been the more responsible thing to do. Instead, we get a defensive posture meant only to take the heat off the administration. Why did we get this approach instead of the more responsible one? Because that’s the only way this administration knows how to operate.

Whether it’s a feeble defense of a failed math program, the failure to accept full responsibility for a l-o-n-g string of blunders lasting several years, or this missed opportunity to help the cops, this is all they know.

Oh, and they conveniently avoided any mention of the fact that this guy was arrested on charges of child molestation.

But wait, there’s more!

There is another secret special meeting tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. You don’t know about it because the announcement is not front and center on the district’s home page, as it should be. Why isn’t it prominently placed? Because they don’t want you to attend, that’s why.

Instead, the home page has such critical announcements as “Input Requested Regarding the Naming of NHHS Dance Room.”

This secret special meeting involves more superintendent evaluation and the notice was posted yesterday at 3:28 p.m., which qualifies for the legally required 24-hour notice by about 16 hours.

So is there some reason to rush? Is there some ticking clock that makes this meeting so important that it had to be scheduled so that few people have the opportunity to attend?

The answers are no and no.

The super just got about $30K of your money last month. He doesn’t need or deserve any more.

Steve Smith