In one of her pieces of campaign literature, N-MUSD Trustee Karen Yelsey writes:

“As your NMUSD Trustee for the past 12 years, I have (third bullet): Provided trustworthy management of taxpayer dollars.”

Eh, nice try.

As I documented yesterday, Yelsey seems to have forgotten the promise she made to taxpayers when she was part of the 7-0 vote to approve Resolution 14-10-16. This resolution spelled out the duties and responsibilities of the Citizens Oversight Committee (COC)in charge of monitoring the bond money from Measure F.

Despite the overwhelming responsibility of this committee, Yelsey has not attended a single COC meeting, has not demanded missing Annual Reports, and said nothing about frivolous spending such as a lot of extra money to install Alaska Yellow Cedar seats at Davidson field instead of the aluminum seats that were originally planned.

But wait, there’s more!

I have attended most of the school board club meetings for many years and closely follow district news and announcements. I have never heard Yelsey raise an eyebrow over the cost of anything. Not a word about:

  • The $100,000 to refill the Estancia pool
  • The skyrocketing legal fees
  • The hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to a former employee to keep him from retiring
  • The colossal waste of money to erect, then tear down the Estancia poles
  • And more…

This wasted money – millions – comes from locals who work hard and pay taxes. They deserve someone on the board who is going to ask questions, demand accountability, and see to it that our money is spent carefully and correctly.

And we don’t need someone who launches personal attacks instead of discussing issues.

OBTW, Yelsey is not alone in her shortage of fiscal oversight. At the same time Yelsey was turning a blind eye to wasted money, so was incumbent Charlene Metoyer, who is running for reelection this year.

Time is up for these trustees. They’ve had enough time to make things work and they can’t or won’t get the job done. Only a new board can do that.

It is time to send a message to the school board. You need to tell the incumbents with your vote that we are closing the checkbook, cutting up the credit cards, and demanding more out of all of them.

My recommendations are:

Area 2: Michelle Murphy. Murphy has kids in the district and has good ideas that support more accountability, transparency, and fiscal responsibility.

Area 4: Dr. Gina Nick. Dr. Nick (“Dr. Gina” to her patients) also has a child in the district. She is a business owner who will bring long overdue fiscal responsibility to the board.

Area 5: Michelle Barto. Barto is another challenger with school kids. She, too, will be a great asset to the board.

Area 7: Ashley Anderson. Anderson lives in the heart of Costa Mesa’s Westside, where she has been active for a long time. She knows what needs to be done there.

If not now, when? And if not you, who?

Steve Smith