A passage in a book I am reading is, “A refreshed, revitalized mind is able to sort out what is important and what is not.” Read that this morning.

That is probably the reason why the long weekend and a good night’s sleep caused me to understand something that had completely escaped me.

It’s about that timing thing again.

On August 6, the Daily Pilot published a column I wrote on school safety. It discussed the feel-good tactics the district is using to provide the illusion of safety while they miss the bigger, more important key strategies.

On August 30, the Pilot published a rebuttal of sorts by Trustee Karen Yelsey.

So let’s see… Mine was published on Aug. 6, hers on August. 30. That’s over 3 weeks. That’s a long time – most local issues are stone cold after three weeks.

But somehow Yelsey got inspired enough over three weeks later to write about something in the news business is ancient.

Why? What could have happened that would cause her to spend precious time digging up irrelevant facts and fuming over a column in a small local newspaper?

Hmph. Well, to start, Aretha Franklin died. That was August 16. No, couldn’t be that.

Hey! Maybe it was NASA’s launch of the solar probe that got her going? Nah.

Hurricane Lane that was headed for Hawaii? Nope…

Wait, I know! On Aug. 11, just a few days after my column was published, Dr. Gina Nick was certified as a candidate for the school board seat in Yelsey’s zone.

Gotta be, right? I mean why else would it take her four years to pen another Pilot column? (Four years exactly, BTW. Four years ago… another election year.)

So the question now is, had Dr. Gina not filed, would Yelsey have written the rebuttal? Hard to say. But if past behavior truly is an indicator of future performance, it would not have been a wild guess to say that, no, she wouldn’t.

Over three weeks after my column was published and four years after her last Pilot column was published. Connecting the dots here is not rocket surgery.

The other shoe will drop in about 3-4 weeks. That will be about the time that Yelsey will either hold or announce some sort of “Community Information Night,” a live event to let voters in her area know about all the exciting, amazing, and wonderful things she has accomplished and why they should vote for her so she can reach 16 years as a trustee despite the fact that she said in 2006 that 12 years was sufficient.

Oh, and I’m sure she’ll want to address that rubber-stamping thing, too.

Trustee Charlene Metoyer has competition, too, from Michelle Murphy, another formidable candidate, so maybe she’ll also hold one of those info nights.

Nothing happens in a vacuum. Everything is related. Connect the dots.

Steve Smith