Dear Karen Yelsey,

I was told that at the school board club meeting of Aug. 28, you used your trustee comment time to describe a recent blog post as “reprehensible.” Makes no difference to me that you lobbed this hand grenade at an opportunistic moment – after I had left the meeting – or that you deliberately chose not to first contact me with corrections, which I have written I would make if any trustee ever cared to point them out.

First, thank you for talking at the meeting about something other than the school plays you attended and the ribbons you cut.

Second, thank you for alerting a lot of people to the presence of the blog, both on the 28th and via the column you penned for the Daily Pilot. You have alerted countless new people to the board’s many faults, which will provide support for your challenger, Dr. Gina Nick.

(For info on Dr. Gina Nick, go to:  )

I’ve written countless times that it is important to connect the dots. Nothing happens in a vacuum and everything is related. Timing is everything. In this case, I’d question the timing of your feeble defense of the district’s too-slow response to school safety. It’s an election year, you’re nervous because you have a formidable opponent, and time is running short. I get that.

But I keep coming back to that timing thing. The last time you wrote anything for the Pilot was exactly four years ago in Sept., 2014 – also an election year – and that, too, was in response to something I wrote. You didn’t bother to reach out to me then, either.

I’m happy to be of service but I really do think that it’s time you generated your own original material, don’t you?

A short history lesson

In 2006, you told us that 12 years was sufficient for a trustee. You said rubber stamping was a problem. These were your top two campaign promises and you have broken both of them.


I don’t care what you have to say about my blog.

I don’t care what you have to say about me.

I don’t care what you have to say about anything because as far as this 32-year Costa Mesa resident and education watchdog is concerned, you have no credibility.

Thanks again for the plugs.


P.S. The saying is, “Never wrestle with a pig: You both get dirty but the pig likes it.”