While the N-MUSD administration and school board club scramble to catch up to the issue of campus security, major on-site issues remain.

This photo was taken at 10:42 this morning from the parking lot at Estancia High. It is, actually, all you need to know about the progress of upgraded security protocols within the district:

Estancia Door

What you are seeing is an entrance to the campus through a door propped open by a trash can with an absurd “NO PUBLIC ENTRY’ sign posted nearby.

Anyone could have walked in undetected and if they were of such a mind, could have planted weapons or a bomb for later use. Or destroyed property.

There is no beefed-up security plan at the N-MUSD and this picture proves it.

It also shows why we need new trustees on the school board.

In Area 2, voters can choose Michelle Murphy over school board club member Charlene Metoyer.

In Area 4, Gina Nick is squaring off against school board club member Karen Yelsey. (She’s the one who said in 2006 that 12 years was enough.)

In Area 5, you can elect Michelle Barto or Paul Hillson. No incumbent running.

And in Area 7, there are three candidates: Ashley Anderson, Bertha Rodriguez, and Diane Ruorock. No incumbent running here, either.

Steve Smith