There is something to be said about consistency. In most areas of our lives, we appreciate consistency.

If nothing else, the school board club has exhibited tremendous consistency in their rubber-stamping approval of whatever is presented to them by the staff, by their failure to be held accountable for anything, their fiscal irresponsibility, their poor communication, and more.

Today’s example is the announcement of yet another secret special meeting. This one is being held tomorrow at 9 a.m. at the Bear St. HQ. It was announced yesterday at 2:41 p.m.

I will donate $100 to the Costa Mesa Boys and Girls Club if I am provided with easy evidence that the administration did not have plans last week to schedule this meeting tomorrow.

How easy? All it would take for the donation to take effect is for anyone in the administration or on the school board to contact me and tell me that this meeting was not planned or scheduled until yesterday.

That won’t happen. How do I know? Because if nothing else, there is great consistency in scheduling these secret special meetings.

Why do they do this, you ask? Why do they wait until close to the deadline to announce these secret special meetings? Because they don’t want you or anyone else to attend, that’s why. Despite their statements to the contrary, they really don’t want your input, your concerns are not a priority and they’re doing just fine without you, thank you very much.

And here’s this from the California School Board Association about reaching out to the community. They recommend “…engagement strategies that enhance community understanding and increase their focus on student needs.”

Not here, not today, and not for a long time.

Steve Smith