School board club member Charlene Metoyer has filed the necessary paperwork to get re-elected in N-MUSD area 2. No surprise: Few people in positions of leadership have a good sense of when they should step down.

The criteria for re-election are the same as the ones I listed in the previous post about the candidacy of Karen Yelsey. Once again, we have a trustee running for re-election who cannot or will not accept responsibility for the many mistakes made on her watch, nor does she hold the district staff to any type of accountability standard, unless, of course, the mistake has boiled over and created a PR mess.

It’s only at that point that you are likely to hear Metoyer or Yelsey – or any of their colleagues – offer some phony indignation that sounds like, ” Why didn’t we hear about this sooner!?” or “We should have known earlier!” which is the equivalent of “I’m shocked! Shocked!”

As always, the bottom line is academic performance. So, let’s see what the official Smarter Balance test scores reveal. Here are the percentages of kids who did NOT meet the 2017 standards for English and math for the schools in Metoyer’s area:

Costa Mesa High School                                           E:55 M:66
College Park Elementary                                         E:70 M:77
Davis Magnet Elementary                                       E: 22 M:27
Paularino Elementary                                              E:50  M:55
Sonora Elementary                                                   E:39 M:52

If you’re shocked at this, you shouldn’t be. Even the highly-touted Davis Magnet school is proving that it, too, has some work to do.

So what has Metoyer done for these schools to improve academic performance? What programs has she introduced? What causes has she championed? What schools outside of the district has she visited to learn the best practices of schools with similar challenged? Has she held a forum or roundtable discussion on what needs to be done?

Answers: Nothing, none, none, none, and no.

If that’s all it takes to be a trustee in the N-MUSD, anyone could run. And “anyone” is running – Metoyer has not distinguished herself in any aspect of district affairs. Academic performance is too low but she did not have the strength of character to say that she had four years and accomplished nothing so it’s time to let someone else try.

Instead, kids suffer.

There are still a couple of weeks until the filing deadline. Perhaps someone will step up and help put an end to the rubber stamping, to the lack of accountability, to the lack of transparency, to the horrible fiscal irresponsibility, and to the poor academic performance.

If no one does, expect more of the same. As a former mentor used to say, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

Steve Smith