It has been a long time since I have seen this many comments on a topic. More interestingly, while people are rightfully outraged at the bungling of the math program, that’s not all they are writing about.

Mostly, they’re writing about the lack of civility shown by club president Vicki Snell at Tuesday’s meeting. You can read the recap on the previous post, but it doesn’t do full justice to how really, truly, awkward and unsettling it was.

Here’s are three of the comments:

“Thank you for calling out Vicki Snell on her truly embarrassing, rude behavior. Also, I think people do not believe a school shooting will happen here: Let’s remember that Blaze Bernstein was MURDERED by someone who went to CDM High and lived in the Port Streets. Nothing is being done to curb the toxic hetero-masculinity, white supremacist views, and homophobia that likely fueled that murder… we all need to demand more than measuring fence heights and making people sign in at the office!! And you want to be sitting down if you look up how much these “experts” are paid… whoa…”


“Hi Steve! Thanks so much for again for the well-written article. The speaker that was told to sit was me last night and I feel that I should have been given the option to discuss since they did say something in regards to extra help. I have spoken to other parents and have for my other daughter been given the option of the additional class without the elective.

“To the comment, I just wanted to say that the class is a basic skills class where the kids get to learn things like checking book balancing and organizing, but it is not an exclusive class to help with catching up. This is a huge concern to me as there is no moderate special day class where kids can move at the pace they need. It greatly stresses me out knowing what struggles may lay ahead for my daughter.

“Thanks again for all the support on this front. We must keep pushing.”


“Great one, Steve, even though it hurt reliving that pathetic example of a public meeting.”

So there you have a sample of what is on the minds of more and more people in the area. Like me, they are fed up with the arrogance, the finger-pointing, the failure to take responsibility for ANYTHING, the fiscal irresponsibility, and most important, the failure to improve academic performance in important areas.

Enough is enough.

Snell’s rudeness is a symptom of a much greater problem, which is the failure of her colleagues to course-correct her, in public or private. There are two reasons why they don’t:

  1. They agree with her approach
  2. They don’t want to rock the boat

It doesn’t matter which one you believe – both are horrible.

In the meantime, those of us who want to provide taxpayers with increased accountability, transparency, and fiscal responsibility will continue to work to replace four board members this year with people who want reform.

As election day nears and you are considering candidates, look at their endorsements. If you see a candidate endorsed by any or all of the current club members, you’ll know whom to avoid.

Steve Smith