Been saying for years that teacher dissatisfaction has far less to do with salaries and almost everything to do with respect.

Teachers hear society tell them about how important their work is, blah, blah, blah, then see the outrageous salaries of people in the public and private sectors who aren’t worth a fraction of what they are being paid.

They see the hero worship of athletes who are paid millions each year to play games. Or celebrities who make movies and TV shows.

They see a decline in their ability to manage a classroom and curriculum due to increasing oversight and constant testing.

They see our local school board handing out awards to teachers and gushing about how much they are appreciated, while the district administration fights teacher union attempts to bring equity to teacher salaries vis-a-vis the absurd compensation of the bureaucrats who hire consultants to make decisions for them.

Last time I checked, the average occupational lifespan of a teacher in California was only 5.5 years.

I am providing you with a link to a blog post that doesn’t wonder why teachers are walking out, it wonders what took teachers so long:

Locally, students were allowed to walk out to protest gun violence, but when a few teachers at Newport Harbor did the same thing to protest a rat infestation, they were criticized and the union president was barred from the campus for a week.

This year, we must work to get new trustees on the N-MUSD board so that we can course correct our priorities, which include more accountability from the district administration, more transparency, and increased fiscal responsibility.

The process may take a couple of election cycles, but given the importance of the goal, it will be worth it.

There are four seats up for grabs in November:

Metoyer – Had a chance, has done so little, needs to be replaced.

Franco – Not running for re-election. Watch out for another candidate hand-picked by the current board (a la Vicki Snell in 2014) to replace her and vote for someone else.

Davenport – Should not run, but probably will. Has done so little in eight years, needs to be replaced.

Yelsey – Said in 2006 that trustees should serve 12 years. This is her 12th year. She should stick to her commitment and not run but probably will.

Steve Smith