What does it mean when, instead of inviting a dialog with the president of the teacher union, the district bans him from a high school whose environment he was trying to improve?

What does it mean when the surrounding community has more concern over campus conditions than the school district?

What does it mean when no one in the district administration or on the school board is willing to accept full responsibility for the absurd number of blunders made over the past five years?

What does it mean when things get so bad that teachers and students have to take their grievances to the street to get any results?

What does it mean when neither the school board or anyone in the administration can’t thank or even acknowledge the recommendation of a community member, even after that recommendation has been put into place?

What does it mean when the community cares more about tour teachers than does the school district?

It means that time’s up. This school board crew has had their chance; ample time to improve Westside Costa Mesa academic performance, improve teacher morale, stop the hemorrhaging of money toward legal fees, and so much more.

It means that the four trustees whose seats are open this year must be filled by people who are not satisfied with the status quo, who do not accept everything the so-called experts on the staff tell them, and who understand that the money that funds everything in the district is paid for by people who have worked hard to earn it.

That’s what it means.

Steve Smith