In one of the emails revealed by John Caldecott’s CPRA request, school board club member Vicki Snell is exchanging thoughts with a taxpayer. Snell was upset at the treatment of her at a recent parent meeting. She wrote:

“The parents at the recent meeting were rude to staff and myself and being disappointed is no excuse.”

This is not the sentiment of someone who is sympathetic to the plight of the parents and student-athletes who suffered needlessly because a district employee or employees made the very bad decision to drain the Estancia pool.

This is the sentiment of someone who could not care less. Perhaps it never occurred to Snell that the reason the parents were so upset is because the district failed to own this mess.

I teach customer service – been doing it for years. When an organization makes a mistake, most of the time – and I mean far more than 51% – all people want is a sincere apology. That’s it.

But wait, there’s more…

In the same e-mail in want could be interpreted as a veiled threat over the future of the pool Snell wrote:

“Everyone needs to face the reality of the situation. $7M buys a lot of air conditioning benefiting many many more children than a pool at Estancia. I’m working to move this project forward as quickly as possible to completion. I hope we can work together to do
this.” – N-MUSD Trustee Vicki Snell, e-mail of Nov. 4, 2017

“$7M buys a lot of air conditioning.” So, is she saying that maybe, just maybe, the pool money could be used instead for air conditioning? That’s followed by an almost sinister close… I hope we can work together to do this.” 

So perhaps that close another way of saying, “The ball is in your court. You can be nice to me and I’ll get you your pool, or you and the parents can be mean to me and I’ll recommend that we use the pool money for air conditioners.”

I’m not sure what it means but it seems clear from this e-mail that the pool deal was not a done deal.