Yes, Trustee Vicki Snell is right: Reporting on all the blunders, financial missteps, and lack of accountability and transparency is exhausting.

But, I have to soldier on.

The Daily Pilot has just run a story on the Mariners Gold Ribbon Application scandal. That’s the application that was claimed to have “untruths and inaccuracies” and was signed by the superintendent.

In the story, writer Daniel Langhorne wrote:

“Lee-Sung wrote that investigators found no evidence that Canzone made malicious or blatantly fabricated statements in the application submitted in fall 2015 for a California Gold Ribbon School Award, which the school received. However, they did determine that she included some inaccurate information, Lee-Sung wrote.”

Here’s the link to the DP story:

So, let me see if I have this straight… There were no blatantly fabricated statements, which in plain language is called a lie. There were no “untruths” but there were some “inaccuracies.”

And for that, she got chased out of the district.

How does the lack of untruths and the presence of inaccuracies compare to the information on the state of the Estancia pool that was given to Trustee Karen Yelsey last October? Back then, Yelsey said flat out that the pool could not be refilled. She was sincere but she was relying on some really bad info that was either an untruth or an inaccuracy. The pool was recently refilled.

So based on Canzone’s treatment, shouldn’t the person who gave Yelsey the pool information also be sent to Siberia?

Of course. But that’s not how it works in the N-MUSD. Canzone did not have clean hands, but they weren’t very dirty and despite the fact that the superintendent also signed the Gold Ribbon application, she was thrown under the bus.

And people wonder why more district employees do not speak up.

Remember: New trustees in November.