Today is a big meeting day for the school board club. At 9:00 a.m. at Estancia, Trustee Vicki Snell will “…answer your questions and discuss pertinent topics.

I’m not sure what questions will be asked but I am sure that on her own, she will not mention:

  1. What she is doing about the fact that 83% of Estancia’s 11th graders failed to meet the 2017 state standards for math.
  2. The status of the superintendent’s (fake) investigation into who is responsible for draining the Estancia pool and whether the person or person has been appropriately disciplined.
  3. Why it took the board over five years to do anything about the Estancia stink.
  4. Why she voted to give the superintendent a rating of “Exceptional” last December and give him a $34,450 annuity when half of the districts kids did not meet the 2017 state standards for math, among many other “mismanagements.

After this meeting, Snell will have to hustle on over to the clubhouse to preside over a meeting that is billed, again, as “Public Employee Evaluation: Title – Superintendent.” This “special meeting” is not even listed on the district’s website calendar.

The last time this happened – a month ago – the members of the public who showed up to speak on this same agenda item were told that it was not an evaluation of the superintendent.

It doesn’t really matter. This “special meeting” is being held at 1 p.m. on a Tuesday because they don’t want you to attend and they really don’t care what you have to say. That was apparent on March 2 and it is apparent in the lack of community outreach on this very important topic. After all, no taxpayer who learns that half of the district’s students failed to meet the 2017 state standard for math would have given the superintendent more money last December and rated him “exceptional.” And they most certainly would not give him another dime until academic performance improved.

Actually, we should ask for refund.

This rubber stamping of more money for the super does have one upside: All of the four incumbent trustee candidates this election cycle will have to explain to residents why they voted to give the super a raise despite an incredibly long series of blunders, many of which cost taxpayers unnecessary money.

Steve Smith
Taxpayer. N-MUSD