And just what is it? Why, it’s a good example of the nonsense spewed by this administration. It’s a good example of how words do not match deeds, and it’s a good example of an insult to your intelligence.

The evidence this week is the District Office to Staff (DOTS) memo issued by the superintendent. The first line reads, “As you have heard me say before, student and staff safety is our number one priority for all schools.”\

Eh, yeah, well, some of us have a problem with that. You see, saying something is quite a bit different than actually doing something. Saying that safety is a priority is exactly why the teachers showed up in force at last week’s school board club meeting. Had they seen enough action, they would have been somewhere else that night.

This memo is a clear attempt at covering tracks. So, let’s see… Why would the superintendent be writing about this particular subject at this particular time?

Next to last day of the month? No, that’s not it.

Wait! I’ve got it! It’s National School Safety Week or something like that! Rats. I checked and that’s not it, either.

What could the reason be??? Could it because the superintendent’s evaluation process has begun and those teachers protesting last week could ruin the chance of yet another raise?


Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD