At tonight’s school board club meeting, I said the following during the public comments section of the show:

“At the special meeting of March 2, several members of the public took time out of their morning to offer the community input.  One of them, Erica Roberts, said something that upset at least two of you, who then chose to scold her after she left the podium and had no chance to reply.

“As you stormed out of the room, Mrs. Snell, you said to Mrs. Roberts, then to the rest of us, “You should be ashamed of yourself. All of you.”

“Mrs. Snell, you ignored years of teacher and parent complaints about a faulty math program and you say ‘shame on us.’

“At Adams Elementary School, walking distance from your home, Mesa Verde parents are still sending their kids elsewhere because of low academic performance and you say, ‘shame on us.’

At Estancia High, 83% of the 11th graders failed to meet the 2017 state standard for math and you say ‘shame on us.’

“Mrs. Snell, by leading the charge to end the math program, Mrs. Roberts has accomplished more on behalf of students in one year than you have in the nearly six years you have been a trustee. Attending school plays, ribbon cuttings and rubber stamping everything doesn’t count.”

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD