… John Caldecott is still fighting.

I warned the trustees about this/him three years ago. I wrote that they shouldn’t treat him like everyone else who gets frustrated and stops fighting.

Along the way, the district has spent absurd amounts of money trying to prevent you from seeing what Caldecott wants you to see. And why not? Remember… Trustee Dana Black referred to transparency as “gobbledygook.”

The latest round is Caldecott’s attempt to enable you to see what is in the full report on the Mariners Gold Ribbon application scandal. That’s the scandal in which the teacher union claimed 16 instances of “untruths and inaccuracies” in the school’s application for the award. Oh, and have I mentioned in the last 24 hours that the superintendent was one of the district people who signed the application? Yes, I think I have.

On January 25, the Superior Court ordered the N-MUSD to release the records and to pay Caldecott’s legal fees, which is the third Writ of Mandate challenge the district has lost, which makes it 3-0 Caldecott.

Unfortunately, more of your tax dollars are being handed over to attorneys because the district has just decided to appeal the decision.

Caldecott’s website is at: https://www.caldecottinfo.com/

So score it attorney$ 4, taxpayer$ 0.

Steve “Gobbledygook” Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD