(With apologies to the late Waylon Jennings)

Is the superintendent of the N-MUSD a great job, or what? 224 work days. No accountability. And what are supposed to be accountability and performance yardsticks are really just squishy criteria that a high school senior could master in no time.

With thanks to the indomitable Laurie Smith for forwarding the link, here’s all you need to know about the taxpayer dollars being heaped on the superintendent, who has left in his wake a collection of mistakes so great that if this were the private sector, he would have been demoted or bounced a long time ago.

Here’s the link. Make sure you have some Kleenex nearby ‘cuz you’re gonna cry when you read this: http://www.latimes.com/socal/daily-pilot/news/tn-dpt-me-nmusd-supt-20171213-story.html

If the trustees really are poised to evaluate the superintendent at tomorrow’s almost-secret meeting, it’ll mean more money out of your pocket. But it also means that we have more proof as to why we need to elect four new trustees this November.

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD