It’s tiresome, really. This game of cat and mouse with a school board that a year ago told me that they would try to make some adjustments in the meeting announcements. Now, we are right back where we started.

Tomorrow morning at 8:30, while you are at work or on your way to work, the school board club will be holding another “special” meeting. The notice for this one was posted at 9:37 a.m. yesterday, which is less than 24 hours before the mandatory 24-hour deadline. So much for progress.

And if you visit the district website, you won’t find any listing of this special meeting. To find out about it, you’d have to click on the calendar for March 2.

So why don’t they list it prominently and why did they wait so long to post the notice and agenda? Because they don’t want you to attend, that’s why. Oh, they may claim some excuse this time around, but that won’t cut it. This is a habit – a chronic problem that has been going on for years. The fact is that if they really wanted you to attend, they’d give you more time to plan to be there and they’d create a prominent listing on the home page.

In the case of this particular meeting, however, they REALLY don’t want you to attend. That’s because once they get over the nuisance of the mandatory public comments section, the school board club will retreat into closed session for an evaluation of the superintendent. To you and me, that’s a euphemism for “awarding the superintendent more taxpayer dollars.”

Didn’t they just give him some of our money? Oh, yeah, that was about two months ago when they rated his performance “exceptional” and gave him a tax-sheltered annuity of $34,450, despite the fact that:

  1. His 224 contracted working days were cut even shorter by a two-month medical leave
  2. There has been an unprecedented number of major mistakes in the district during his tenure
  3. Half of all the students in the district failed to meet the 2017 state standard for math
  4. Skyrocketing legal fees, some of which was used to pay for the defense against a lawsuit by two former employees who claimed that the superintendent “created a workplace culture of fear and intimidation that compelled them to leave their jobs.” (Daily Pilot 4/19/17)
  5. And more. A lot more.

The superintendent will get a favorable review and a raise tomorrow. None of the school board club members will hold him accountable for anything. You can count on this as much as you can count on the sun rising tomorrow morning.

But now, the secret meeting is not so secret.

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD