Here is the transcript of the superintendent’s remarks Tuesday night as referenced in an earlier post:

“There are times that comments are made where people aren’t completely informed and don’t have all the information and I think that the board – we do spend time with you discussing personnel issues – not that we’re going to share anything with you right now.

“But it’s important for the public to know that we have our standards for our employees and that we look into things but we also look into things because our first obligation mainly, and ethically, is to help our team get better; to help our employees get better. That’s always the first thing.

“You know very well that if we don’t do; that if we move on like some inexperienced administrators do or have in this district and other districts, you can’t really discipline an employee if your don’t follow all the right steps.

“So you know on the surface people don’t know what’s going on and yet there’s a lot going on. so I ant to say that our HR department has done a great job and we move out not to scapegoat anybody but to make everybody better in their job.

“Ms. Metoyer and I were principals at the same time  and that was our message and continues to be our message.

“Some under informed comments were made but I want to assure you that we have very high standards for our employees and we look at everything but our first goal is to make ourselves a better organization and that is we have very talented people that we want to invest in. Everybody brings value to the district that is employed  here so we want to keep you informed and on top of that and let everybody know that that’s the way we operate.”

He spoke a little more but it was meaningless and I did not feel like transcribing it.

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD