1. The head of Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency resigns after a false missile alert is sent out, even though he had no direct part in the mistake.
  2. Two months after she took over GM as the CEO, Mary Barra apologized for deaths linked to the delayed recall of 1.6 million vehicles, admitting that GM should have told customers about ignition problems sooner. Barra had no involvement in the defect or its handling.
  3. Last September, Uber’s new CEO issued an apology to Londoners just days after city officials said they would not renew the company’s license, even though he had no part in their problems there.
  4. Last December, Amtrak’s co-CEO apologized profusely for the high-speed train derailment that hurled passenger cars onto a freeway, killing three people and injuring 100, even though he was not driving the train.
  5. NHHS Principal Sean Bolton responds to the recent suicide of a CdM High student with a proactive message that every parent should deliver and every student should hear.No one asked Bolton to do this, it’s just what leaders do.

The superintendent of the N-MUSD has not accepted responsibility or apologized for the Estancia pool draining, the Mariners Gold Ribbon scandal, the prom draft, the grade hacking, the Estancia baseball poles, the Estancia stink, John Caldecott’s termination via text and e-mail, Swun Math, rats on campuses, the 50% of all N-MUSD students who failed to meet state math standards, and, oh, you get the picture.

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD