Mistakes happen. We all get that. What is really bothering many of us who are irate over the events with the Estancia pool is the failure of anyone in a district leadership position to take ownership of all that went wrong.

Instead, we get spin, such as this Facebook post yesterday by Trustee Vicki Snell, which was sent to me because she made the very mature move of blocking me from receiving notification of her posts:

Setting The Record Straight!

Yes, the recent approval of $9M toward the Estancia Aquatic Center was an expansion of the original project. What led to this expansion? The construction bids on our original scope came in $3M over what was projected by the architect and our construction consultant. Why? A few thoughts…costs are currently high in this market and our bid group was small due the specifics of our requirements. After working with a new expert, it was clear the bids were way off. We listened to the community and our experts and reworked the scope to add a team room, sun shades, modernization of the locker room, and expand the bidding group to be more competitive with a design-build process. We expect to get more for our money by doing the project all at once vs piecemeal and complete the process sooner. We will continue with a new consultant to insure we get what we pay for. Remember…we are a school district not a construction company or an architectural firm. We use experts as we need them without paying benefits and pensions. They are easy hire and easy to fire!

And my response:

Nice spin, but it won’t wash with those of us who have been on top of this mess. You failed to mention that:

1) District incompetence drained the pool, which wrecked the EHS aquatics program and wasted 100,000 gallons of precious water.
2) Had the highly paid N-MUSD staff and consultants properly calculated the estimate last year, this debacle never would have happened.
3) Refilling the pool cost $104,000 in wasted tax dollars
4) No one in the school board club or in the administration has had the decency to apologize to taxpayers or – more important – to the EHS aquatics teams and coaches for the tremendous damage these mistakes have caused
5) There is a fake investigation into the error. The superintendent is in charge of it which means that either nothing will happen or some poor shlub will be thrown under the bus.

We need more responsible leadership on the board. Read what is really happening in the district at stevesmith714.wordpress.com

Just keeping teeing them up. I’ll just keep hitting them out of the park.

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD