Here’s another leadership example, fresh from

DETROIT — A police department in the Lansing, Michigan, area missed an opportunity to pursue criminal charges in 2004 against Larry Nassar and the department’s chief has publicly apologized to the victim who accused the doctor of molesting her during treatment for an abnormal spine. Meridian Township made the apology Thursday to Brianne Randall-Gay and announced changes in how it handles sexual misconduct investigations.

“I think I could apologize every day for the rest of my life,” Chief Dave Hall said at a press conference. “… I think the apology from me was sort of a healing moment as well because Brianne showed us some grace, and I really appreciate that.”

Did you catch that the chief not only apologized but made changes in policy so that this doesn’t happen again?

Apparently, the rules of leadership don’t apply to the N-MUSD. There has been no apology to the aquatics teams, to the coaches, to taxpayers who saw $104,000 of their hard-earned money flushed down a pipe, and to the parents of the team members who spend their time shuttling their kids back and forth, sell food at the snack bar to raise money, spend money for equipment, and more.

There has not been a single word uttered about any change(s) in procedure that will prevent this blunder from happening again.

Why? Because we have weak leadership, that’s why. We have people in charge who think that admitting a mistake and taking responsibility is a sign of weakness when in fact it is a sign of strength.

So here’s what: The aquatics team members and their parents are seething, not just because someone drained the pool and wrecked their season, but because the superintendent continues to dodge his responsibility for the mess that happened on his watch.

Great example for our students: If you screw up, don’t admit any responsibility. Just conduct a fake investigation and throw someone under the bus. In time, it will all blow over.

Until the next mess, then it’s lather, rinse, repeat.

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD