N-MUSD Trustee Vicki Snell and I used to be Facebook friends, but a little while ago, she “unfriended” me or blocked me from receiving her posts or whatever. In any case, I can no longer directly communicate with her through FB.

I can only guess, but my guess would be that Snell did not like someone constantly raining on the district parade.

But, as I’ve written many times, there is a workaround for everything. In this case, here is a recent Snell post regarding the closing of the Estancia pool and a couple of other issues. The pool closure is the  blunder that wastes $100,000 of taxpayer dollars, wasted at least 75,000 gallons of precious water, and decimated a healthy EHS aquatics program.

Snell wrote:


Snell FB


Let’s take these by the numbers:

  1. District staff and board apologies? News to me! Haven’t read or heard ONE.
  2. Stop with the consultants already! Why are we paying millions to an army of assistant superintendents if all they ever do is hire consultants?
  3. “w/o proper authorization and will be handled internally.” That is code for “We’re done talking about this embarrassment so don’t ask about it anymore.” Snell is clearly unable to understand a fundamental management concept: The name of the person who closed the pool is irrelevant. Taxpayers want someone to take ownership of this mess. The bottom line is that EVERYTHING that happens in the district is the responsibility of the superintendent. The board’s consistent support and protection of the superintendent is helping more people to understand why we need four new trustees this year.
  4. This is a response to why the super was recently rated “exceptional” and got more taxpayer dollars when he missed approximately 8 weeks due to illness. What she is saying is that the illness period is not covered by the recent rating. But we know the truth: Next year, he’ll get yet another “exceptional” rating and more of your tax dollars.
  5. Another expert! If the first two were “experts,” why do we need a third?

So, here’s the bottom line: Snell’s petty display of retaliation by unfriending me is too little, too late. There are now too many more people who are furious at the waste of taxpayer dollars, the lack of transparency, and the absence of accountability that regardless of where she posts, there will be a response.

Tonight: The School Board Show

There is a school board show tonight. If you go, keep your expectations low, that is, don’t expect any follow-up to the ire that was expressed at the special meeting last Thursday over the EHS pool closure. As far as the board is concerned, they’re conducting a fake investigation and giving you back $100,000 of your money to fix the pool mess so just get over it.

Tennis, anyone?

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD