Videographer Barry Friedland and writer/candidate/activist/and more Sandy Asper have teamed up to produce an outstanding video on the Estancia Pool debacle. This is a must-see and I urge you to watch all 9 minutes because each time you think the story is over, there is more. Here’s the link:

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

Having watched and reported on the board for so many years, I can confidently state that in the minds of the board and the superintendent, the pool issue has been resolved: They’re spending the $100,000 to reopen the pool, the superintendent is conducting a fake investigation to determine who was responsible, and that’s that.

They believe that they have bought your silence for that $100,000.

The superintendent made a telling – chilling, actually – remark in the video that was not prompted by anyone. This remark is a clear insight into the mind of someone whose first instinct at any sign of trouble is to distance himself as far as possible from the controversy. We saw the bob and weave in the prom draft, the CdM grade-hacking break-in, Swun Math, the Mariners Gold Ribbon scandal, the Estancia Stink, the Estancia poles, and now the Estancia pool. And there’s more.

This approach to problems is dangerous. It sends the wrong message to the rest of the administration, which takes its cues from the top, and to our students, who are supposed to see the superintendent as a role model. I can speak only for myself, but both my kids were taught to own their mistakes and to do it quickly and clearly.

Please watch the video – it’s important that you do so. And while you are watching, remember that with regard to how your district is being managed, the Estancia pool is not the problem, it is only a symptom.

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD