In the closing days of 2017, Trustee Vicki Snell has uttered the school district quote of the year: “Now we’re figuring out if we can get more money from somewhere [to fix the Estancia pool] or what can we change to help or come under budget.” (Daily Pilot 12/26/17)

This absurdity was muttered moments after the board gave $34,450 more taxpayer dollars to an already overpaid superintendent who has overseen the most poorly run administration in the 31 years I have lived in the area. Besides the pool debacle, these happened on the super’s watch:

  • Swun math
  • CdM grade hacking break-in
  • Prom draft
  • Rats in classrooms
  • Estancia stink
  • Estancia poles (hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to fix)
  • CdM stadium delays and mistakes
  • CMHS stadium insufficiencies
  • Rigged area map decision with fake community meetings
  • “Collegiate Calendar” decision made with no supporting evidence and with fake community meetings
  • And more…

Yet, the board just rated his performance “exceptional” and gave away those tax dollars without holding him accountable for anything.

The only exceptional thing about this administration is their ability to avoid all these land mines and continue with full board support.

Start the pool fund by stopping the money flow to people who don’t deserve it and to additional needless bureaucrats hired to insulate the “exceptional” superintendent from any blame for anything.

No, they don’t see what you see, which is why we need four new school board members elected this year who understand the simple concepts of transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility.

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD