You have to hand it to the staff and students at Estancia for they may be the most resilient people in Newport-Mesa. In this year alone, they have suffered more than most schools do in five:

  1. Massive poles that were erected to protect foul balls from a nearby baseball field had to be taken down, disrupting that section of the campus and angering residential neighbors who were not informed about the construction.
  2. Ongoing monitoring of the 7-year stink – something about which Trustee Vicki Snell was aware but did little or nothing to stop. To reward her indifference, she just got named board president.
  3. The pool. I’m not sure that anything in the district has been bungled worse than Estancia’s swimming pool. Well, maybe the stink. Well, maybe CdM’s new sports complex. Well, maybe Swun math…. Anyway – Here is a link to the Daily Pilot story about a petition to get the pool up and running again:

From the story: “The estimated $7-million aquatic center project, approved in 2016, was expected to begin in August with plans for an Olympic-size 50-meter pool, a coaches’ office, a team room, pool restrooms, a snack bar, site work and furnishings, a lunch area and other spaces. The Costa Mesa school is the only one among the district’s four comprehensive high schools that does not have an Olympic-size pool.

“District officials had said the center was originally scheduled to be open for the fall 2018 sports season but higher-than-expected construction bids received in October pushed it back.”

So let’s recap: Before the district had a solid bid, they drained the pool and removed the pumps. Now the pool is useless.

Once again, it’s Ready! Fire! Aim! at the N-MUSD.

Repeat after me: New trustees in 2018.

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD