The N-MUSD has decided to switch to the so-called “collegiate calendar” (known on this blog as “CC”) but is holding a few meetings anyway, just to cover the bases. (World Series reference intended)

At the meetings, you’ll hear all about why CC will be beneficial. You will hear very few, if any, reasons why it should not be adopted. If you don’t like the new calendar, which starts school in the high season of heat, you will have to provide the negatives because the district will not. These are just more fake meetings, designed to make you think you have input when you don’t.

The timing is terrific for discussing this as we have just come off of a few days of record heat and too many classrooms still do not have A/C. Despite the recent outcry over hot classrooms, not one of the overpaid bureaucrats thought, “Hmm. Maybe we should wait a little while longer before we hold these fake meetings so that there is some distance between the heat wave and our CC presentation.”

Tonight’s World Series 7th game with the Dodgers, who are a local favorite for many N-MUSD taxpayers is another story. Last night, our doorbell rang only twice with trick-or-treaters. When I asked the first dad why it was so quiet, he told me that the streets in our usually busy neighborhood were empty.

World Series, World Shmeries. They’re plowing ahead anyway with a meeting tonight because they want what they want when they want it and that’s that. We just saw this with the fake Map G that was rubber-stamped this month.

This meeting should be canceled, but the bureaucrats don’t see what you and I see. So, in an effort to provide some simplicity and clarity to the discussion, here’s what:

No A/C, no CC.

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD