This is from today’s Daily Pilot: “Newport-Mesa will look into ending school days earlier during hot weather”

No, they won’t. They know darn well that in a short period of time, the heat wave will be over and everyone will forget about the fact that kids and teachers suffered in 90+ degree classrooms while the overpaid bureaucrats on Bear St. were wearing sweaters to combat the 72 degree temps inside.

The “look into” approach is the same one that Trustee Vicki Snell took when asked about the shortage of bathrooms and seating for the big game at CM High last week. To Snell, it was only “one night every other year” and we should all just deal with it.

Air conditioning was funded a long time ago. It is only the incompetence of this school board that has prevented kids from learning in a comfortable environment.

So, I am adding one more wish to my list:

  • Airline executives should be forced to eat airline food.
  • Architects should be forced to work in the buildings they design.
  • Pro stadium executives should be forced to stand in line to buy food at each game.
  • The school board and the administration should be forced to work in the same conditions as the worst school in the district.

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD