Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw will make about $33 million dollars this year. He is an outstanding pitcher.

I love sports, but I adore baseball. Still, there is something wrong when we have an athlete making that much money while teachers make a fraction.

Clayton Kershaw can review and benefit from scouting reports because a teacher taught him how to read. He can add box scores and understand statistics because a teacher taught him math.

And he can sign autographs and make money that way because a teacher taught him to write.

For teachers, it’s not just the money. I am thinking of this because the World Series is on and because something happened today to make me recall all of the attempts by N-MUSD teachers to point out the failings of Swun Math and their attempts to get the program fixed or dumped.

Up and down the N-MUSD chain of command, their complaints were either ignored or insufficiently answered.

N-MUSD teachers are getting more money. That’s always a good thing, but it’s not enough. They continue to work in an environment in which speaking up is not encouraged and they are made to feel as though they are as interchangeable as light bulbs – if one burns out, just replace it.

They deserve the respect in the classroom that Clayton Kershaw gets on the mound.

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD