John Caldecott was the district’s HR guru for ten years. So respected that other districts would reach out to him with questions or for advice.

Almost three years ago, he questioned some financial goings-on. A few months later, he was fired. His termination was not via a meeting in which someone tells you what’s going on and you have a chance to address any complaints against you. Nope.

Superintendent Frederick Navarro texted Caldecott and told him to check his e-mail. His inbox contained the termination notice. Nice.

After 10 years of loyal service with an exemplary work record, he was terminated by e-mail with no opportunity to address the board.

Since then, Caldecott has been very active, requesting information that the district does not want you to see, and explaining it to the rest of us.

I highly recommend that you read and bookmark his website:

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD