Eight thousand dollars doesn’t buy what it used to. That’s the cost – your money – for the new N-MUSD logo, the one that features multiple boomerangs. What boomerangs have to do with schools or learning, I don’t know.


Here’s the logo. (No, the super is not recovering from glaucoma surgery)Logo 2

And here’s the existing logo for “Plenti,” which is a rewards program that includes Rite-Aid, Macy’s, and more. This was sent to me by a reader:

Plenti Logo


It could be that the new logo was not properly screened for copyrighted or competing images.

When I present documents to a client, or a logo that has been created in collaboration with an artist, I write a creative rationale. It’s standard operating procedure in marketing and advertising to help the client understand what you did and why.

I attended the meeting at which they revealed the N-MUSD logo and did not hear any sufficient rationale for the boomerangs in the new logo.

Maybe the significance of the boomerangs in the N-MUSD logo is that sometimes things come back to us, and not in a good way.

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD