When my daughter was about eight years old, I was driving her and her friend “Pat,” to school. They were in the back seat of the car, talking, and Pat asked my daughter how she managed to get another kid to perform a particular task, to which my daughter replied, “Reverse physiology.”

The members of the school board club and the administration don’t like outsiders influencing their decisions. In some cases, outsiders make them look bad by pointing out something that needs fixing, as Erica Roberts, Laurie Smith (No relation. Well, maybe a few centuries ago, but that’s another post), and many others have done with Swun Math.

(And when the district finally got around to switching math programs, they made sure that the change was because they wanted to make it, not because some motivated residents caused them to: There hasn’t been a single word of acknowledgement of Roberts, Smith, or any of the many teachers and citizens who pointed out the math program’s shortcomings starting years ago.)

Making changes based on community input gives the impression that we’re wasting a lot of money on cushy compensation packages for experts with a lot of experience who should know what to do and who should know how to prevent problems before they begin.

They don’t want you telling them whom to hire as principals, despite the just-for-show community input meetings they like to host.

They don’t want your input, plain and simple. If they did, they would not have recently changed the rules to limit public speakers at their meetings.

Ultimately, nearly everything has to be – and will be – their idea.

So here’s what I’m thinking… Tomorrow night the school board club may start the wheels in motion to put term limits of 16 years on the ballot. So… You show up at the school board club meeting tomorrow night and loudly proclaim that you want term limits of 16 years. If the public makes it their idea – if they own the concept – the club members and the administration will tell us that they are the experts and they know best and that 12 years is the way to go.

It’s gotta work. After all, it’s reverse physiology.

Steve Smith
N-MUSD Taxpayer