There is much supporting evidence for the district’s double-talk about wanting community input, the latest being the restrictions on the amount of public comments. (They also voted to end meetings no later than 10:30 p.m. instead of 11. As if.  That new rule made me laugh so loud I think I scared the cat. I haven’t attended a meeting that lasted until even 10 in I can’t remember when.)

The oppressed administration and the overburdened trustees can’t understand why people are getting restless and are starting to demand term limits. But it’s really as simple as keeping your word. Don’t, for example, say you value community input if you don’t. (And they don’t, despite their claims to the contrary)

It occurred to me today that when a principal is removed, there is usually some phony input meeting in which the district folks want to get your input on the replacement. At these meetings, they look very interested in what you have to say and they take notes and act concerned. That’s what they do after they’ve yanked a principal out of one school – usually a place where he or she is appreciated – and placed him or her in another.

But if the district is so concerned about the feelings of the community and getting input, shouldn’t they be reaching out to us before a principal is removed? After all, what would the parents and teachers at Davis or College Park have said had they been asked, “Should we move [principal] to [school] and find someone else to take over here?”

Stacy de Boom-Howard works for the district but she is the former principal at Paularino Elementary School and by all accounts she was doing a good job.. Was there any input meeting on whether she should be allowed to leave? Nope.

They don’t ask because they don’t care. They don’t ask because they don’t want you involved in “their” business, even though you’re paying for everything.

Of course, we all know that they can’t ask before because would open up a new can of worms and they have so many cans open now that Bear St. is starting to look like a bait shop.

Steve Smith
N-MUSD Taxpayer