The decision by the school board club to proclaim the superintendent’s performance as “exceptional’ and shower him with more of your tax dollars despite a tenure filled with problems is not unique.

According to, “The New York Knicks and team president Phil Jackson reportedly picked up their mutual option for the final two years of [Jackson’s] contract.”

That’s fine, except for the fact that Jackson has a terrible won-lost record in New York at just 80-166. This season, the Knicks wound up only 31-51.

So you see, it’s not just the N-MUSD superintendent who seems to have convinced seven people that he is an exceptional leader – a professional basketball coach just did it, and for a lot more money.

The difference is that the N-MUSD superintendent is being paid with hard-earned tax dollars. And it’s hard to claim an “exceptional” performance when employee morale is so low, when so many projects have been mismanaged, and when one problem follows another.

Actually, I’d love to see Phil Jackson take over the superintendent spot here. He doesn’t need to know anything about education – one review of the list of squishy superintendent duties and responsibilities will show that.

But he will be expected to show hour high school teams how to perfect the full court press.

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD