In another attempt to make taxpayers believe that their opinion matters, the N-MUSD is hosting another community forum to receive “input regarding the qualities and attributes they would like to see in their next [Costa Mesa Middle School] principal.”


The forum is at the school’s library on Wednesday, March 29, 2017, 6:00 p.m. According to the school’s website, the district “encourage[s] you to attend the meeting at Costa Mesa Middle School; however, if you are unable to attend you may provide the input online at:

They also want you to know that “The Community Forum and Online Input will be used in the selection process to identify the best candidate to fill the position of Intermediate School Principal.  We look forward to receiving your input/suggestions.”

Eh, no they don’t, not really. As I’ve written previously, these community forums are all for show. The district doesn’t really look forward to receiving your input/suggestions and doesn’t really care what you think. One case in point is the hiring of Estancia’s principal. The district pretended to want to know your thoughts there, too, but before you had a chance to say “independent thinker,” they made up their own minds without your help, thank you very much.

At Costa Mesa Middle School, they will hire someone who will toe the district line and who will make sure that everyone else on the staff does, too.

The larger point is that the community is not in a position to offer input because beyond the basics, we have very little understanding of what is necessary to be a middle school principal. At the community forum, attendees will say they want the same qualities they’ve said they want at every other community forum: Someone who is hard-working, fair, honest, experienced, listens to parents and teachers, and wants what’s best for the students.

Done. No forum needed.

Nevertheless, they’ll be there with their pens and paper taking notes and acting interested in what the attendees have to say. Oh, and you may even get to put stickers on a flip chart! Fun!

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD