There were three big items on the agenda for last Tuesday’s school board club meeting.

One was the adoption of a resolution to select a new Area map. Another was the adoption of a resolution to switch to Area voting instead of the current at-large system.

Until this meeting I did not understand the need to change the Area maps. I believed that just switching to an Area voting process would be sufficient. But, I was wrong. In the context in which it was presented, it is easy to see that this change is needed.

There was some discussion as to which of the new Area maps should be accepted. The recommendation was for Map Area B, which was eventually accepted but not before some good questions by Trustee Martha Fluor. Fluor is the only Trustee who consistently asks intelligent questions and anyone who saw the embarrassing  exchange between club member Vicki Snell and Kirk Bauermeister will understand what I mean.

The trustees are changing the Area maps and switching to Area voting not because it’s the right thing to do – it is – but because they’re attempting to stave off yet another lawsuit.

Then there was the attempt by club member Charlene Metoyer to change a date that didn’t need changing – further proof that most of the school board club members are not qualified or prepared to vote on the various agenda items.

The third hot item was the gift of about $26,000 in a tax-deferred annuity to a superintendent whose recent performance was rated “exceptional” by the school board club. If they’re going to hand out tax dollars like it’s candy to people who don’t deserve it, fine, whatever, but don’t insult the intelligence of those who follow these things by claiming that the superintendent’s performance has been “exceptional.” It has been anything but.

Oh, and curiously, the superintendent’s gift was not listed on the brief that is sent out prior to each meeting. Just an oversight, I’m sure. 😉

I left during the recap of a recent conference by Snell. Not only did it drag on, but as usual, there was not a syllable offered as to how any of her meeting take-aways would benefit students, teachers, or taxpayers. It was just another meeting with no consequences.

Any costs for the conference attendance came out of the travel budget, which Snell pointed out 2.5 years ago was just a “drop in the bucket.”

That’s some of what was on the agenda. What was not on the agenda was a discussion of whether to return the Mariners’ Gold Ribbon Award due to misinformation in the application. That would be doing the right thing, too.

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD