John Caldecott is the former N-MUSD HR head who tried to expose financial irregularities while employed there, but was terminated at the recommendation of the supt. and without a hearing by the trustees. Caldecott worked at the district for 10 years.

The supt. was involved in Caldecott’s allegations. He fired Caldecott by sending him a text telling him to check his e-mail. Nice, eh? That termination story is beaten only by the termination of the graphic artist at the ad agency for which I worked. That guy found he’d been fired after the card/key he used to get into the parking lot was disabled and he couldn’t get in.

But, that was an ad agency where wacky stuff was a daily occurrence. With Caldecott, we’re talking about a government institution that should have done right by a highly respected 10 year employee.

For over two years, Caldecott has doggedly pursued transparency in the district. His successful CPRA requests have exposed details that are important for all of us to know.

Caldecott is now attempting to shed light on the investigation of the Gold Ribbon Award at Mariners El by filing a CPRA request.

Caldecott has a blog that contains much important information and is frequently updated. You can read it at:

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD