I received this e-mail:

“While I agree with most of your content, I have to disagree about one statement…”But somehow, he is being ignored. There isn’t even a mention of his award on the district’s website.” The following link is a news story posted on 4/7/16 regarding Brian Ristow. ” http://web.nmusd.us/groups/news_item?d=x&id=1456823768332&group_id=1216762529094&return_url=1469475962848

The link will take you to a press release issued last April.

I am posting this because, as the reader noted, I wrote that there was not mention of Ristow’s award on the district website. I wrote that because I used the district site’s “search” feature to find anything. I entered “Brian Ristow” and it returned four entries, none of which is the press release.

While I appreciate the reader having pointed me to the press release, there is still something odd about all of this. Ristow achieved something remarkable but for some reason, his accomplishment is receiving only minimal attention. In the meantime, two school board club members, Karen Yelsey and Charlene Metoyer, have contributed to Ristow’s GoFundMe account which you can access HERE.

Those of us who attended the fundraiser at Sgt. Pepperoni’s in Newport last night discovered that the event lived up to its billing: Great Food, Great Cause. As much as I liked the pizza, there was this dessert… My wife and I would eat some, then stop, then say, “Well, maybe just one more bite.”

Sgt. Pepperoni’s is at 2300 SE Bristol St., Newport Beach. (949) 852-9500.

I spoke to Brian Ristow for quite awhile last night and left believing that the Fulbright Teaching Award had been given to the right person. Ristow and his family leave for New Zealand on Sunday.

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD