There is a common belief that people don’t like change. It is false. People don’t mind change, what they fear is the unknown that change often brings. But when the dust clears and people discover that the new way is better than the old, they’re happy.

People don’t fear change. Does anyone fear a change in health that is better than before? Of course not. Does anyone fear a change in financial status that brings more peace of mind? Nope.

We are faced with change everyday. From my life perspective thus far, two of the common traits of successful people are adaptability and resiliency. Those who understand that change is constant are ready to adjust when it happens. They may even have a plan B for when that time arrives. That’s adaptability. The resiliency part is explained in those who weather frequent or drastic changes without missing a beat. They accept what they cannot change and move on.

Some people fear change, some people tolerate change, and some people initiate change.

That’s a long-winded introduction to the new title and subhead of this blog, which began in June, 2014, as a way of reaching the voters I hoped would put me on the school board. Donald Trump is using Twitter. I was using a blog.

The old title, “Better CM/Newport Schools” was an election year slogan. The new title, “Newport-Mesa School District Watch” and the subhead, “Promoting improved transparency, accountability, and financial responsibility,” reflects the ongoing goal of this blog.

It is the new year and with that often comes change, whether it is in the form of resolutions, the weather, or simply the turn of a calendar page. It seemed a good time to change the blog title, too.

And it is a good time to thank the many readers who have contributed to the success of this blog. I’d name names, but unfortunately, some of the people I’d list fear retaliation.

That has to change.

Steve Smith

Taxpayer, N-MUSD