A comment received today on the whopping pension for outgoing Deputy Super Paul Reed, the ONLY man in the country who can do an effective job managing the district’s money:

“WTF????????????????????? How can they do that, $22,+ a MONTH????????????”

They can do that because too many voters in the district have been asleep at the wheel and keep voting in the clones that occupy the seats on the school board club. Dana Black is Vicki Snell is Charlene Metoyer is Walt Davenport is Judy Franco is Karen Yelsey is Martha Fluor and there ain’t a dime’s worth of difference between them.

They can do that because they have been operating autonomously for decades. Even the exceptions, people such as Wendy Leece and Katrina Foley, had the deck stacked against them and were not able to make substantive changes in the their M.O.

They can do that because they have been extremely effective protecting the status quo. Even now, as we wait for the final report in the Gold Ribbon application investigation, the school board club is downplaying the Reed pension – justifying it, actually – with no shame whatsoever for spending tax dollars so frivolously because they know that tomorrow, the Daily Pilot coverage will be lining the birdcage.

They can do that because at the end of the day, they have lost all sense of context, all sense of accountability, all sense of transparency, and all sense of fiscal responsibility.

Eh, don’t know about that last one… Losing those senses implies that they had them in the first place.

Steve Smith

Taxpayer, N-MUSD