A major wrong has been righted.

As you may recall, several years ago, I suggested that the district create a website page listing and honoring those local high schoolers who chose military service over college or a vocation. The page was established a short time later and it was unique among the dozens of major school district websites across the country. I was hoping that perhaps the N-MUSD page would have a ripple effect but I have not gone back to check.

Fast forward to the creation of the district’s new website – without the armed forces page. When I asked what happened to it, I was told that it would be back up. Silly me, I forgot to hold the admin accountable by asking the key question: “When?”

While I was looking for something else two days ago, I noticed that the page was back up.

So, thank you to the district for fixing this and thank you to the brave young adults in our area who are choosing to serve our country in the nation’s armed forces.

Unfortunately, though…

There is a problem not directly related to honoring the armed forces, but it falls in the patriotic category.

A few school board meetings ago, I left a few minutes early. As I walked through the lobby, I saw this:


I am sorry about the poor quality of the photograph. What you are looking at is our nation’s flag and the flag of the state of California sloppily folded and randomly placed out in the lobby between two computers in the common area.

Figuring that it was an exception – that a major school district surely knows the proper protocols for folding and storing these precious items – I let it go as an aberration.

But at the last meeting I saw it again.

Someone on Bear St. needs to take ownership of this shabby treatment of the flag of the United States of America. It is a disgrace and should be corrected immediately.

Should anyone reading this want to know more and do something about this, here is a link to a web page with the details on folding and storing the flag: http://www.memorials.com/Flag-Cases-Flag-Etiquette-information.php

And just so you know, here’s an excerpt: “It should go without saying that it should not be crumpled up and shoved in the corner of the garage, but instead, neatly folded and secured in a spot where it will not be in direct contact with anything that can soil it.”

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD