The three challengers to the school board incumbents have lost. The status quo is preserved, as it usually is, not just at the N-MUSD but everywhere. That’s why they call it the status quo.

I lost, too, two years ago. At that time, I had a choice: I could take my ball and go home, or I could continue to fight for greater accountability, more transparency, increased fiscal responsibility, and improved teacher conditions.

I chose the latter. I continued this blog and attend all school board meetings. (OK, confession… I attend all those that do not conflict with important baseball games.) Over the course of writing 408 blogs posts, my efforts have made a difference – I know that for a fact.

The challengers face the same decision today.

In two years, four seats will be up for grabs. The challengers can retreat or they can fight even harder for all of the aforementioned principles and help set the table for the challengers in 2018. They can start by aiding in the push for area representation, which may have gotten each one elected had it been implemented many years ago as it should have been.

Steve Smith