Those of us who have been keeping an eye on the school board club for longer than a year realize the uphill battle we face.

Unless it severely impact their wallets or the quality of their child’s education, almost all residents of Newport Beach and Costa Mesa could not care less what happens in our schools and at the school board club meetings.

That is a fact that the club members have relied on for a very long time. They know that parents cycle in and out of school activism, moving on when their kids graduate, or when they choose to send their kids elsewhere.

Education is such a low priority that the Daily Pilot no longer has an education section carved out to report what is happening. Why? Because they know, too, that few people care.

This morning, I reviewed the websites of the seven candidates for the Costa Mesa City Council. Now, one would think that with the CM schools needing an academic boost and with the recent snubbing of CM homeowners over the Estancia’s “Polegate,” that there would be some concern expressed by the candidates.


I found websites for six of the seven candidates and there was not one mention – not one – of schools. Nothing about improving the quality, of working closer with the school board club – nothing. I didn’t even see the words “school” or “schools” on any of the websites.

That’s how little people care about our schools and education.

Recently, however, there are signs of life. Three challengers this election, activist parents who have pressured the district into dumping a math program, and CdM residents speaking at meetings because they’re upset over the bungling of the new stadium at CdM High.

Some of this will fade. Maybe all of it. I have no hope that this momentum will carry, preferring instead to wait and see what actions follow election day. After all, talk is cheap.

In the meantime, go Cubs.

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD

P.S. OBTW, still no Gold Ribbon report.