There is a school board meeting tomorrow night. 2985 Bear St., Costa Mesa, @ 6 p.m. I noticed in the description of rules for the public comments section that the Ed Code citations have been removed.

And there is also time to receive a proclamation just three weeks before election day in celebration of Newport-Mesa Unified School District’s 50th Anniversary from a politician who is up for re-election. But as we all know because we were told by school board club member Karen Yelsey that club meetings are not a “political forum.”

So why didn’t this politician issue this proclamation months ago when the district announced its 50th anniversary celebration? I’m sure it was just an oversight…

Those of you who are expecting anything other than business as usual will be disappointed. Not one of the school board club members will hold the superintendent or anyone else accountable by asking the few questions I posed a few days ago, namely:

  1. Why did the superintendent wait five months to make a public announcement of Paul Reed’s retirement?
  2. Have we paid Reed any part of his retirement stipend since he told the superintendent in April that he is retiring?
  3. If yes, shouldn’t taxpayers get a refund? (If taxpayers are paying a guy not to retire and he chooses to retire, we stop paying him the retirement money immediately, right? Right!)
  4. How many students were disciplined as a result of their behavior at the CdM-NHHS football game and what were the punishments? (Taxpayers need to know that these kids face the consequences of their actions.)
  5. What is the status of the Swun Math program and it’s replacement?

They won’t ask because not rocking the boat is more important to them than maintaining the public trust.

Here’s one thing I’d like, and I’ll bet that a lot of other taxpayers would like it, too: I’d like to hear one person in the administration or a club member issue an apology for putting up the poles at Estancia High and wasting hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars – money that could have gone to the education of our children.

But you won’t hear an apology because these people believe that saying “I’m sorry” is a sign of weakness, but it’s not. Accepting responsibility for our actions – taking ownership – is a sign of strength and good character.

Isn’t that what we teach our kids?

Steve Smith
N-MUSD Taxpayer