One of the reasons that you rarely see any school board club contributions to the pages of the Daily Pilot is because it usually means trouble. Sticking one’s neck out to make a point opens the door to allowing irate taxpayers to vent.

Such is the case today. In the Pilot, there is a letter penned by school board club members Dana Black, Martha Fluor, and Vicki Snell in which they share their indignation over being excluded from the recent candidate forum in Mesa Verde.

You can read it here:

The letter contains this sentence: “It is curious that in addition to being excluded, the forum was focused mainly on previous unpopular board decisions.”

The focus of the forum is only curious to those who are not school board club members. If you’re one of the elite and inside the bubble, you can’t understand how or why any taxpayer could be upset and so you wonder why there was no discussion on the good things. Like the recent amazing, wonderful, fabulous State-of-the-Schools pep rally.

The real reason that the forum focused on the unpopular decisions is because there are so many.

But it’s this passage that made me smile: “Advertising a forum (also published in Daily Pilot) as including all candidates, and following up with an article critiquing prior decisions without hearing all sides is misleading and not fair to our community.”

Not hearing all sides is misleading? Not fair to the community? Really?

Well, trustees, welcome to the world of John Caldecott, a respected 10-year district employee who was fired via e-mail after he was hot on the trail of financial shenanigans and not allowed to have his side heard.

Welcome to the world of the Joann St. homeowners just a few feet from the 80′ monster poles that went up in the equivalent of the middle of the night – without their side being heard.

Welcome to the world of the residents of Eastbluff, near CdM High, who got one stadium surprise after another without their side being heard before they put their foot down and demanded it.

Welcome to the residents of Costa Mesa, who could make the same claim about the stadium at CM High.

Welcome to the world of the residents of Mesa Verde, who were told that the new perimeter fence around Adams El would not include the large field adjacent to the school, only to learn at a meeting that it would. “We changed our minds,” was the rationale. No one on the school board reached out to the residents to hear their side before that decision was announced.

If the Black-Fluor-Snell letter was supposed to garner sympathy, it didn’t work, at least not with this taxpayer who has been reporting the district’s failure to hear all sides for a very long time.

And as far as not being fair to the community, they could start by telling the commununity whether we continued to pay a deputy supt. not to retire after he announced his retirement to the superintendent last April.

That’s only fair.

Steve Smith
Taxpayer, N-MUSD