I wonder whether Erica and Jeff Roberts would have been interrupted at the last school board meeting if they had stood up and expressed their support for the incumbents instead of the challengers.

I wonder how long some of the lifelong bureaucrats in the N-MUSD would last if they had to work in the private sector.

I wonder why requests for information or documents are treated with such disdain by some people at district headquarters.

I wonder whether the members of the school board club are receiving accurate (or any) information from the superintendent on certain important subjects.

I wonder if the superintendent and the school board club are aware that there is a growing number of people who are upset with their lack of transparency, their poor communication with taxpayers, and their fiscal irresponsibility.

Comments, please!

Long story short: I stopped publishing comments with names attached awhile back. But I still get them. Here are some recent comments, without attribution:

About the death of 26-year district employee Rodrigo Ospina, who died in an accident at TeWinkle on Sept. 1:

“Steve, I often disagree with you, but when earlier I was notified by the use of “passing away,” I was disturbed also. You’re on point about the lack of remembrance. I regret not thinking of Mr. Rodrigo Ospina afterward.

“Institutions routinely refuse information due to “privacy” or “under investigation.” There is rarely any truth when the terms are used – just distortions to cover-up or delay until people move on. PIOs are hired and rewarded to prevent answers to questions. Citizens assume that these terms are used because of lawsuit threats. Certainly, in this case, this worry didn’t apply. Saying someone died from a probable accident doesn’t invite millions in losses.

“A school district has to protect students and employees in personal matters, but to label falling off a ladder as passing away is Orwellian overreach. We know we’re being played by the people we pay.”

About the first candidate forum last month:

Can’t wait to read your blog each morning. If you didn’t attend the candidate event yesterday at Oasis Ctr NB, CM Breeze did. below are some quotes from a CM/OCC friend’s texts re event:

“‘Hahaha. Actually the incumbents were all active. They were very talkative, defensive. Bubb wasn’t there. I was wondering where the diversity was…a lot of privilege on that panel…not a lot of concept of working parents, let alone poor working parents. i’d vote for the guy just for the sake of variety! Haha!'”

About the district:

“Delay is one of the many tactics our school district leadership club uses for freezing out teachers and the public. Just ask the community’s grassroots team of parents and teachers who have tried to fill the leadership void and provide transparency by asking questions and doing their homework on issues like Swun Math and payroll discrepancies.”

On rising to one’s level in incompetency in the district:

“I have another person — XXXX — who had tons of complaints at XXXX, got moved up to the district, got a promotion at the district, in spite of all of the bungling was responsible for and then left.”

On empowerment:

“Thank you for all of your support and straight talk about what goes on at Bear Street. It is a crime that more taxpayers don’t sit up and take notice. I was at the meeting last night, and was appalled when Dana Black made the comment about the Fire Department.”

Steve Smith