There is a school board meeting tomorrow night. The agenda, which you can read here, does not have anything on Swun Math or union negotiations so it’ll probably be a much smaller crowd than two weeks ago.

And that’s a shame because the heat needs to be kept on the administration and the school board, if only to ask questions about the status of current projects and promises made.

I’d like to know the status of the reimbursement we should be getting for having to shift classrooms from three schools due to a blunder by the company contracted to install air conditioning. They’re the ones who failed to prevent rain water from damaging those rooms.

I’d like to know what action is being taken at this time on Swun Math.

I’d like to have a union negotiation update.

And if they’re not going to organize a fundraiser for the family of Robert Ospina, I’d like at least one person on the dais to have the decency to have a moment of silence in his memory. Ospina is the 26-year district employee who died in a fall at TeWinkle on Sept. 1. His death was a shameful blip on the district radar. I was told that his fall was from a ladder but the district will not confirm this.

Ospina was a custodian. He was older, male, and Hispanic. Put all that together and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) he is a top candidateĀ for a fall off of a ladder while working. The bullet point from the CDC reads:

  • Most falls from ladders occur in construction, mining, maintenance and repair activities. Victims are predominantly male, older and Hispanic.

Regardless of whether a ladder was involved, it is no less than disgusting: 26 years and you don’t even get a moment of silence in your memory. Shame on the administration, shame on the school board.

I’d like to know the status of the disciplinary action taken against the CdM students at the football game. My guess: There is nothing being done. The district is just riding this one out, hoping we’ll all forget about it so the superintendent doesn’t have to make any tough decisions. Oh, right, I forgot – a subordinate would do that.

Speaking of subordinates, the school board club will rubber stamp the approval of another top administrator, Luis Camarena, who will become the Assistant Superintendent, Chief Human Resources Officer. (“Can’t tell the players without a scorecard!”)

Camarena’s compensation will total $224, 372. Camarena is no stranger to Supt. Frederick Navarro. He comes to the N-MUSD via the Anaheim and Lennox (Frederick Navarro’s former district) school districts but I guess he’s like another administration member and is the only person on the planet who can do this job. And I guess they’re paying him this much dough to be the HR guy so he can live in the area, which is what school board club president Dana Black said the board wanted for the administrators.

Reminder – Supt. Frederick Navarro lives in Long Beach.

Steve Smith